Our expertise,

offering bespoke products

Tuna, swordfish, cephalopods, Groupe Barba diversifies his expertise on 3 family products. To ensure this wide choice of fresh, in brine, frozen and sashimi grade (-60°C) products, we source them from all the planet’s oceans. In order to meet the specific needs of each customer, cutting and preparation can be carried out to order… while following just-in-time manufacturing, since production takes place on the same day as the sale. This guarantees a quality, flexible and responsive supply that fully meets the current market expectations for freshness.


Sourcing is the key to the group’s quality and sustainable development policy. All our purchases are certified under international legislation, which varies by species.

Because long-term partnerships are a priority for us, we audit our suppliers to ensure they operate to the same standards we set for ourselves, so that we can guarantee perfect supply traceability and better meet our customers’ quality expectations. We obtain supplies for all the products we process and sell in the country of origin, as close as possible to fishing ports.


All the fish are prepared, filleted and packaged in the Group facilities in a tight logistical flow ( day of sale = day of production ). Our Group supplies both to its volume customers and bespoke orders very responsively because we know that today there is a need for this flexibility in their orders and in their day-to-day operations.

In our facilities in France, Spain and Sri Lanka we handle and process more than 6 000 tons of finished products every year ( being an equivalent of 15 000 tons of whole products ). Our R&D department can also supervise customers in the design, creation and production of a new product, depending on their ideas and market expectations.


This historical activity of our Group is a passion that we have shared for 5 generations. There has always been compliance and quality in our products that runs through our fish processing & trading plants.

Our shipping boats partners guarantee a high degree of freshness and a perfect traceability. All our Mediterranean fish come from auctions and partners from along the Mediterranean coast to provide you with the widest choice of fresh products.


Groupe Barba has a new facility of 6 000 m2, the largest storage area at -60°C in France, as well as a permanent storage space at -25°C of 3 000 pallets within our premises.
Our factory is ideally located in Béziers, at the intersection of the A9 and A75, close to the Mediterranean and is undergoing IFS FOOD certification.

We can process and package your products according to your specific requests. We can also provide services such as order preparations, various types of packaging, labelling and dispatch.
Our company Barba Stocklog specialises in all these activities and researches each requirement in a specific way.


We have always provided our customers with the most delicious fish: it is our history, it is in our DNA. It has always been important for us to adapt and to tailor our supply to satisfy our customers. This is a real strength of ours and one that is increasingly more essential in this age of globalisation. That is why we decided to branch out into importing, processing and shipping in France and around the world. Besides the quality of our products and our respect for the environment, which are naturally high priorities, we also put a lot of stress on flexibility and responsiveness.

Henri BARBA, President of the group