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With more responsible consumers, aware of fishing practices and attached to the marine ecosystem, engagement has become essential. Beyond words, these sustainable values structure our Group's approach and represent real guarantees of trust, for consumers and professionals alike. We have been pursuing a Quality & Sustainable Development policy for many years: installation of solar panels on production sites, work to reduce waste and discharges, sorting of packaging, use of fish waste as co-products.

We also have an internal quality laboratory to carry out analyzes and market healthy, safe and compliant products.

Our factory has been MSC certified since 2016.

Our engagement 


Our goal today is to stay at the forefront to offer our customers ever more qualitative products adapted to their needs.


Not a day without innovating, not a day without thinking about our customers and the quality of service they have the right to expect. A state of mind that each of the Barba Group employees has adopted and made their own.


We have made food safety principles the heart of our quality system. Our entire daily life is designed and oriented towards securing our production processes.


Anticipate, understand and respond to the needs of our customers
Develop the image of our company through our products and boost the market


Fully master our products and manufacturing processes
Guarantee food safety
Provide products that comply with our internal policy and regulations


Implement the tools to guarantee regulatory and technological monitoring
Share our know-how internally and externally


Involve our employees in company policy
Build loyalty in our teams


Continuously improve our performance
Guarantee the viability of our business

“We attach great importance to the traceability of our products.” 

Quality & Ethic label

Since the creation of Groupe Barba, we have strived to work in environmentally friendly conditions and always with a quality approach. Our internal “Quality & Ethic” label attests to this commitment by guaranteeing ethical fishing methods and respect for the marine eco-system in general.


We carefully select our suppliers and work alongside them


We put in place specific production specifications stipulating our quality approaches


Control and analysis devices mark the life of the product


We implement a sustainable development approach


We ensure legible traceability of our products from the fishing boat to the shelf.

We commit ourselves


IFS certification is an audit benchmark established by large retailers in order to delegate their supplier audits to third-party organizations. It can be applied to any company marketing "transformed" products and/or when it offers a packaging of bare products and includes all the company's activities.

Our factory is IFS certified and thus attests to our commitment to food safety and the quality of the products we distribute.

Through this certification, the Barba Group is recognized for the safety of the foodstuffs placed on the market in its name. We thus guarantee healthy, secure products that comply with regulations, while meeting customer requirements and improving transparency and traceability on the market.

Why did you choose to impose this certification?

  • To guarantee the trust of our customers and more broadly consumers with an audit carried out each year according to key indicators
  • To remain in an innovative approach and continuously improve: the IFS rating and audit report allow us to identify our margins for improvement
  • Better assess risks, gain anticipation and efficiency thanks to strict processes

We also adhere to quality procedures such as French Pavilion, Line-Lined Red Tuna and MSC.

Wild, traceable, sustainable: the MSC label applies exclusively to wild fish from fisheries that have been certified according to the MSC Standard.

A certified sustainable fish
Each MSC certified fishery has been independently assessed for its impact on marine ecosystems.

Guaranteed traceability
Throughout the supply chain, from ocean to plate, MSC certified fish are separated from those that are not. They are clearly identified so that they can be traced back to the source.

A robust program
Regularly, DNA tests demonstrate that MSC labeled products are correctly labeled.


“Line-lined bluefin tuna, artisanal fishing” is a collective mark which certifies that the bluefin tuna has been caught on hooks, by artisanal fishermen on vessels flying the French flag. Bluefin tuna fishing is highly regulated, each bluefin tuna is marked with an identification ring in order to be marketed. Each consumer can go to to find out the origin of their fish. Line-Lined Bluefin Tuna is a guarantee of respectful and sustainable fishing.


PAVILLON FRANCE is the collective brand involving all the players in French fishing, promoting its professions, its commitments and its products.

A PAVILLON FRANCE product is a fish that was caught at sea by a PAVILLON FRANCE boat. Its optimal freshness is guaranteed by specifications regularly checked by all links in the sector.

Each seafood product bearing the PAVILLON FRANCE stamp comes from French fishing. Its traceability is guaranteed from sea to plate.

Dolphin safe


The Barba Group holds the Dolphin Safe label, guaranteeing that its tuna is fished in a manner that respects dolphins and other marine mammals.

This label emphasizes the protection of dolphins during fishing and prohibits the exploitation of illegally caught tuna. Certified fisheries commit to minimizing bycatch and not using nets that could harm the ecosystem.

In addition, they are strictly prohibited from capturing whales, sharks, dolphins, turtles or other marine mammals, as well as from marketing their derived products.

Let's reduce the pressure on our oceans


The Barba Group’s environmental initiatives
The pressure exerted on the oceans is increasing and certain species are becoming rare. In this context, we have put in place processes to guarantee respect for the planet while contributing to food needs.
Find out more about our environmental initiatives
Let's guarantee food security


Internal measures of the Groupe Barba
We have an internal analysis laboratory through which all of our products pass. This obligatory passage through quality control allows us to certify that the fish that will be delivered to you are healthy.
Learn more about our security measures
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