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Working with international partners

Specialists in tuna and swordfish, we have been linked by strong international partnerships for many years. In 2021, no less than 400 containers from the Indian Ocean were sold. Our partners, located both in Asia and in Europe, allow us to guarantee you a strong influx of high quality products.

Négoce produits de la mer

« Every week, 
we are able 
to offer you 
a wide choice 
of fresh and 
exotic products. »

Thanks to the establishment of partnerships
with qualified and recognized suppliers across the globe,
we are able to offer you tasty,
traceable products at the same price all year round.

Dolphin safe

With the aim of always offering you the best seafood products and guaranteeing you optimal quality of service, we source our supplies directly from the source and respect the fish, the fishing zone, quotas and good conditions. of work for fishermen. This objective allows us to work in total transparency with our customers, our suppliers as well as our employees.

The transmission of know-how to the people who work alongside us is also an essential part of our Group. We are committed to making our teams aware of the company's quality requirements, and of course to passing on our experience so that they can master all of the processes linked to the proper functioning of the activity.

Diversity of Groupe Barba products 
Offer you 
the best Mediterranean fish

Still very attached to our historic activity as a fish merchant, we also offer you a range of Mediterranean fish throughout the year, depending on arrivals and the seasons. All our Mediterranean fish come from auctions and partners throughout the Mediterranean coasts to offer you the widest choice of fresh products. Your orders are prepared by qualified staff, on a dedicated site.

French leader

No. 1 in France for processing tuna, swordfish and cephalopods

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