Guaranteeing food security: a priority


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Quality control 
An in-house 
analysis laboratory

Although we are able to guarantee exemplary and complete traceability, by implementing specifications and proven methods with our partners, we have an internal analysis laboratory through which all of our products pass. This obligatory passage through quality control allows us to certify that the fish that will be delivered to you are healthy.

Thus, we carry out a bacteriological analysis, histamine, detection of metals and heavy metals, analysis of pH, salinity and gas levels, BBD test, etc.

On the packaging side too, we are uncompromising on quality. We select our suppliers carefully to avoid any endocrine disruptors.

Consumer health is a top priority.

Our best practices 

Going beyond our health obligations

As a food supplier, we are responsible for the health quality of the food we produce. We work in compliance with the Guide to good hygienic practices for the fish trading activity and the Codex Alimentarus. Our teams are trained in very strict procedures and benefit from equipment (PPE) and a qualitative working environment allowing them to carry out their mission in optimal conditions.

Our tools to guarantee food safety


Set up processes

We put in place procedures for disinfection and cleaning of equipment (machines, equipment, etc.) and work surfaces. Our teams have cleaning solutions available directly to their station if necessary.

We also carry out a 5S vacuum organization to optimize the working conditions and environment by ensuring that it is perfectly tidy, cleaned and secure, in an applied and rigorous manner. This methodology allows us to limit the risk of error and guarantee the safety and quality of our products and services.


Safety instructions

Provide a welcome booklet

As soon as they arrive, our teams are trained and have a welcome booklet in which all the obligations and prohibitions in terms of health regulations are listed. Compliance with these standards is essential and is regularly reminded to all of our staff.

The hygiene culture of the Groupe Barba


Renew the quality policy

We carry out hygiene inspections very regularly and have deployed an internal questionnaire as part of a hygiene culture approach within the Group. This questionnaire allows our employees to be involved and proactive in our health and safety processes. It’s also a great way to analyze progress.

Implementation of regular checks


Act upstream to guarantee quality

By implementing regular monitoring plans for working environments and taking samples from different surfaces (gloves, wrists, handrails, etc.), we can quickly identify any potential chemical or bacteriological risk. We immediately take the necessary corrective measures if the analyzes prove negative.

Product control 

Daily analyzes for greater speed and security

We have an internal quality laboratory to ensure analyzes and market healthy, safe and compliant products. More than 10,000 analyzes are carried out each year on all of our products and our factories, in order to ensure exemplary traceability, as well as the safety of future consumers.

Let's reduce the pressure on our oceans


Groupe Barba environmental initiatives
The pressure exerted on the oceans is increasing and certain species are becoming rare. In this context, we have put in place processes to guarantee respect for the planet while contributing to food needs.
Find out more about our environmental initiatives
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