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Perfect product traceability

The sourcing of our products is essential: it's the first step in our quality and sustainable development policy. For all our products (processed and sold), we source directly from the countries of origin, as close as possible to the resource.

All our purchases are certified according to current international regulations, specific to each species.

Sourcing bateau de pêche groupe Barba

« Our priority 
is to guarantee 
the impeccable 
of our products. »

We work hand in hand with our suppliers to guarantee high quality products,
controlled and fished in good conditions.
Our factory is IFS certified and we adhere to quality labels such as
MSC, Dolphin Safe, Pavillon France, Thon Rouge de Ligne and Quality Ethic, our internal label.

Dolphin safe

We've always been committed to providing our customers with the tastiest seafood products: it's the story of our company, its DNA. It has always been essential for us to adapt and evolve our offer to satisfy our customers. This strength characterizes us and guides our strategic choices.

We have complete control over our products and their manufacturing processes, so as to guarantee food safety and supply products that comply with our quality requirements and current regulations. We rigorously select our suppliers and work alongside them according to precise and comprehensive production specifications.

This process is very important to us, and enables us to guarantee the traceability of our products, from the fishing boat to the shelf.

Origin of Groupe Barba products 
Guaranteeing perfect traceability is our priority

Sourcing shema

Although we have developed a relationship of trust with our suppliers over the years, we are no less vigilant about our requirements. With the aim of building stable, long-term relationships, we demand the same level of control from our suppliers.

All information relating to the product must be systematically indicated to us: type of boat, fishing zone, date and method of capture, whether frozen on board or not, if the product is fresh we must know the date of freezing on land, the freezing temperature, whether the capture was carried out with respect for the seabed, etc...

Our suppliers share our values and all work according to these procedures, which enable us to give you a perfect indication of the quality and origin of our products.

We also carry out internal self-controls to guarantee a safe and healthy product.

French leader

No. 1 in France for processing tuna, swordfish and cephalopods

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