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a family adventure 
100 years ago 
with a shared passion

Groupe Barba is first and foremost a family adventure that began almost 100 years ago with a shared passion for fish. From packaged sales to global production, the company has grown through know-how handed down from generation to generation. Today, Groupe Barba is a major player in the seafood economy, respecting products and the environment, and always with an ambitious approach to maintaining quality.

The '30s

The beginning

Henri Barba's great-grandmother started selling fish at the Halles de Béziers and in the villages of the greater Béziers area. Her products were local, purchased directly from the Port of Valras, a few kilometers from Béziers.

The '50s

Barba Marée makes its mark in the seafood sector

Henri Barba's grandfather developed the fish trade in the Mediterranean basin, and wholesale and retail sales at the halles de Béziers. His daughter eventually joined him in the fishmonger's business.

The 80's

An ambitious 4th generation

Henri Barba joins the family business. He developed sales of frozen products to restaurants and fishmongers, and conquered the Spanish and Italian markets with Mediterranean products purchased from the Gulf auctions.

The '90s

Barba Marée stretches

1993: the company flourishes, and it is time to push the walls! Barba is launching the construction of new workshops near Frontignan, a few kilometers from the port of Sète. The same year, Barba made its first sale of Mediterranean bluefin tuna to Japan.

Links with Asia were strengthened in 1995 with the intervention of a Korean specialist who came to introduce the teams to cutting tuna fillets, a technique still little known in France. Barba then becomes a pioneer in cutting tuna loins in France.

In 1996, Danielle and Henri Barba took over the management of the company.

The early 2000s

Change of direction

Hervé and Benoit Barba, sons of Danielle and Henri Barba, joined the family adventure in 2000. They chose to change direction by developing the supermarket and specialized wholesale markets. Two years later, they made the first importation of fresh tuna from the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.
Continues on the path of innovation by becoming the leading French seller of quality sashimi products at -60°C.
In 2007, Barba Marée became the French leader in the marketing of -60°C sashimi quality products, before becoming the French leader in packaging tuna steak in trays the following year.
In 2009, Barba Marée launched into the production of cephalopods.
In 2011, Barba Marée officially became the Groupe Barba.

Year 2012

Opening of a subsidiary in Spain

The Groupe Barba acquires a production plant in Spain intended exclusively for the production of brined semi-preserved cephalopods. The Barcelona subsidiary brings together professional expertise developed by employees rigorously trained in these transformation lines, making it possible to offer the best of its know-how.

That same year, the Barba Group became number 1 in France on the market for semi-preserved cephalopods in brine.

Since 2017

At the heart of innovation

In 2017, Groupe Barba moved to Villeneuve les Béziers in a state-of-the-art complex, strategically placed at the crossroads of the A9 and A75 motorways, between Spain and Italy. The 6,000m2 facility boasts a production plant, two cold stores at -60°C and -25°C with a storage capacity of over 3,000 pallets, and an in-house quality laboratory.


Family, always at the heart of the Groupe Barba

Still managed by the fourth and fifth generation of the Barba family, the Group continues to develop by relying on strong values such as work ethics, love of good products and respect for customers.

The family unit is a real asset at Groupe Barba, making it possible to provide emblematic know-how to all customers, but also by offering a healthy and pleasant working environment to all employees, who today make all the success of the company.


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Reminder of values


Quality is key

We have the desire to make a commitment, to respect these commitments and to be responsible for our decisions and actions on a daily basis. We must ensure consistency and the search for perfection.

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