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Since 2018, we have been committed to a CSR approach with strong ambitions. This lasting commitment aims to transform the entire economic model of the company and its main services: HR, Purchasing, Production, Quality, Commerce. Placing CSR principles at the center of the Groupe Barba strategy and practices is a real guarantee of sustainability. This approach concretely integrates social, economic, societal and environmental actions into the strategy.


We carry out responsible purchasing which allows us to build a healthy and balanced relationship with our suppliers and subcontractors. Our products are MSC certified (sustainable fishing)


The well-being of our employees and their quality of life at work are of paramount importance. We work alongside them in a dynamic of co-construction, in which each idea, suggestion and comment is heard and listened to.


We act with respect for the seabed and ensure the preservation of the diversity of species, natural and energy resources. We reduce our waste by considerably increasing recyclability, in particular through the provision of our organic fertilizers or the creation of co-products such as tuna leather.

This sustainable requirement with regard to our standards underlines our desire to continually improve and work towards the sustainability of our environment.

A Group

that has always been committed

locally and internationally

We are committed at all levels, including:

Via environmental commitments:
- We source MSC (sustainable fishing) labeled products
- We promote our co-products (tuna leather, animal feed)
- We provide our organic fertilizers
- We are partners of the Project Rescue Ocean Foundation (Raising awareness among the general public, particularly young people, about the state of the environment of rivers, seas and oceans)
- And we are leading a collaboration with Ecocean (participation in maintaining the biodiversity of the aquatic environment)

But also via quality initiatives:
- We put in place very specific specifications with our suppliers, in order to guarantee the quality of our products, from fishing to plate
- We have made health safety our priority, in particular by developing an internal analysis laboratory
- Our factory is IFS certified


Project Rescue Ocean


Since 2019, we have been involved alongside Project Rescue Ocean. This commitment is reflected in concrete actions such as participation in cleanups with our teams, through the promotion of the association during events or even by providing financial support so that Project Rescue Ocean can pursue as much as possible. actions throughout the year.
Because respect for the environment, and especially that of the oceans, is essential for us.


Adding value to our co-products

tuna leather, animal feed

Innovation and the environment are at the heart of our thinking. This is why we are particularly keen to give a second life to the waste produced by our seafood processing activity.

Instead of throwing away our surplus, we turn it into animal feed or, in the case of tuna skin scraps, we transform it into a new product: leather. We thus created La Maison Pantuna, a brand of ethical and eco-responsible shoes made from marine waste.

The MSC label

Sourcing of MSC 
labeled products

sustainable fishing

MSC Multi-site certified, we offer many MSC certified products.

The MSC label applies exclusively to wild fish from fisheries that have been certified according to the MSC Standard. Each MSC certified fishery has been independently assessed for its impact on marine ecosystems.

Throughout the supply chain, from ocean to plate, MSC certified fish are separated from those that are not. They are thus clearly identified so that they can be traced back to their original source.

concerned about resources and the environment

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