Guaranteeing volume and quality


> Transformation

Preparation, cutting 
and packaging

Our products are prepared, cut and packaged in-house, so that we can guarantee our customers high volumes. To meet the specific needs of each customer, cutting and preparation can also be carried out on a made-to-measure basis, all on a just-in-time basis, since production takes place on the same day as the sale.


«We guarantee 
flexible and 
responsive supply, 
in line with our 
customers' current 
expectations in terms 
of freshness.»

At our plants in France and Spain,
we handle and process over 6,000 tonnes of finished products
every year (equivalent to 15,000 tonnes of whole products).

Dolphin safe

Our factory located in Villeneuve-Les-Béziers, in the south of France, is the main receiving, shipping and reshipping platform for the French and European markets. Our Factory in Barbera, Spain, is specialized in the processing and packaging of semi-preserved cephalopods and the production of frozen products (tuna and swordfish).

Our main customers are supermarkets, wholesalers and specialized wholesalers, Cash & Carry, chained out-of-home catering, collective and commercial catering and frozen food manufacturers, in France and Europe. We manage all of our logistics overland for all our fresh and frozen products.

The Groupe Barba experience 
Providing you with a response tailored to market needs

Thanks to our latest generation 6,000 m2 factory as well as the in-depth expertise of our employees, we have the equipment, resources and processes necessary to meet all your requests, both in terms of quantity and quality.

As a supplier and partner of your structure, we are able to supply you quickly and flexibly, according to your specific needs and requirements, while guaranteeing the freshness of our products, which are all fully processed and subject to our labels. quality within our factories in France and Spain.

The Groupe Barba is a family company that wishes to maintain a lasting bond with its customers: entrust us with your requests and we will respond with rigor and high standards.

French leader

No. 1 in France for processing tuna, swordfish and cephalopods

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