Commit to the planet


and respect
our ecosystem

As a major player in fishing in France, Groupe Barba must be exemplary in terms of respect for our ecosystem. The pressure exerted on the oceans is increasing and certain species are becoming rare. In this context, we have put in place processes to guarantee respect for the planet while contributing to food needs.

Respect of quotas 

Act to protect the resource

In compliance with international standards, we have set a quota of 60 tonnes of bluefin tuna per year and favor the FAO fishing zone (West and Central Pacific). We also fish for tuna with hook and line, thus avoiding overfishing.

Respect for the ecosystem


Commit to ethical fishing

Since the creation of the Group, we have strived to work in environmentally friendly conditions and always with a quality approach.

Our internal “Quality & Ethic” label attests to this commitment by guaranteeing ethical fishing methods and respect for the marine eco-system in general.

Responsible packaging


Reduce the impact of our products

In line with our ecological commitments, we have chosen for several years to significantly reduce the use of polyethylene packaging. Our packaging is increasingly recycled and recyclable, including heavy use of cardboard.

Sorting, recycling and reduction of consumption


Our actions on site

With the aim of reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible, we have implemented ecological measures such as:

  • sorting and recycling of all our packaging
  • recording and monitoring our water consumption and effluent (with indicators in m3/T produced)
  • monitoring of CO2 emissions from our cold rooms with weekly and monthly calculations
  • the installation of photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity
  • obtaining MSC, Red Flag, Line-Lined Bluefin Tuna certifications, IFS and Dolphin safe
Healthy products above all


Guaranteeing food security: a priority.
We have made food safety principles the heart of our quality system. Our entire daily life is designed and oriented towards securing our production processes.
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our quality and sustainability approach


Groupe Barba is committed at all levels.
We continue to integrate CSR issues into all our activities. This sustainable requirement with regard to our standards underlines our desire to continually improve and work for the sustainability of the group.
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