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fresh, brined, marinated and cephalopods
Fresh, brined, marinated and cephalopods

Criée des saveurs 

The Criée des Saveurs brand corresponds to all our ready-to-cook products, sold in ultra-transparent packaging. The 100% recyclable skinpack and tray packaging of Criée des Saveurs products allows for odourless storage, ease of handling (vertical or horizontal presentation), an extended shelf life as well as good drive adaptability.

This brand is a real alternative to traditional supermarket shelves and is also available in private label or white label. For all our products, we adapt the fixed weight that corresponds to your needs.

Cirée des Saveurs: the taste of ready to cook 
Flavoured or plain, but always tasty

Yellowfin tuna carpaccio sashimi criée des saveurs

Our top quality recipes

“Les Marinades” by Criée des flavours energize the self-service tide section with 3 references: Andalusian, Barbecue and Garlic & fine herbs in tuna or swordfish. Our marinades are all “CLEAN LABEL”. They delicately perfume the fish and subtly enhance the taste. For those who prefer to personalize flavours, our plain tuna and swordfish steaks are ideal.

Criée des Saveurs: products that taste 
Discover our references

We meet the requirements of those who are concerned
about the quality and authenticity of products.


Our brined cephalopods in trays 
Giant squid, small cuttlefish and small octopus

Cuttlefish cannelloni

Opt for gourmet flavours

We offer a selection of brined cephalopods purchased originally frozen. We thus guarantee safe, tasty products with a total absence of parasitism.

The advantages of the Criée des Saveurs 
THe + of our brand

THe + for the point of sale
  • Vertical presentation
  • Ergonomic
  • Suitable for driving
  • Alternative to traditional shelves
  • Resistant
The + For the consumer
  • Transparency
  • Freshness
  • Odour-free storage
  • Longer DLC
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Resistant
the + for the distributor
  • Possibility of private label or white label production

Criée des Saveurs: : a wide range 
Our products

Original recipes Weight DurationBBD Condi Gencod
TUNA STEAK SASHIMI -60° Fixed 200g 6 days X4 / X6 3760169080776
FRESH TUNA STEAK Fixed 200g 3 days X4 / X6 3760169081421
FRESH SWORDFISH STEAK Fixed 200g 6 days X4 / X6 3760169081438
BRINED TUNA STEAK Fixed 200g 8 days X4 / X6 3760169081599
BRINED SWORDFISH STEAK Fixed 200g 8 days X4 / X6 3760169081841
BRINED TUNA STEAK MSC Fixed 200g 8 days X4 / X6 3760169081940
MARINATED TUNA STEAK MSC Fixed 200g 8 days X4 / X6 3760169081957
TUNA STEAK IN ANDALUSIAN MARINADE Fixed 200g 8 days X4 / X6 3760169081681
TUNA STEAK IN BARBECUE MARINADE Fixed 200g 8 days X4 / X6 3760169081698
SWORDFISH STEAK MARINATED IN GARLIC & GARDEN HERBS Fixed 200g 8 days X4 / X6 3760169081629
Pickled cephalopods
SQUID RINGS Fixed or variable 7 days X4/X6 3760169080011
SQUID SLATS Fixed or variable 7 days X4/X6 3760169080028
SQUID TENTACLES Fixed or variable 7 days X4/X6 3760169081810
SMALL POULPES Fixed or variable 6 days X4/X6 3760169080233
SMALL CUTTLEFISH Fixed or variable 7 days X4/X6 3760169081605
Quality and durability

Groupe Barba commits

Groupe Barba pursues a Quality & Sustainable Development policy: the factory is IFS certified and we adhere to quality procedures with the MSC Label, Red Line Tuna (line-caught tuna), French Pavilion and the creation of our own label, Quality Ethic.
Our quality approach
Dolphin safe
Pavé de thon mariné

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