CSR in action!


Benoît Schumann, founder of the NGO Project Rescue Ocean, uses his field experience with the Groupe Barba. Its objective through Weclean: to make Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) accessible to all employees.

With Weclean, we strengthen our commitments

we believe in collective responsibility!

We are delighted with the visit of our partner Benoit Schumann and his team.

With Weclean, we are strengthening our existing CSR commitment, moving from an already committed approach to an even more integrated vision. Each member of our team plays a key role in this evolution.

WeClean works with us to implement sustainable, efficient and comprehensive processes that will position our company as a major player in change. Their intervention in our premises marks the beginning of a new era for all of us.

A big thank you to Benoit and his team for their inspiration and expertise, as well as to our collaborators for their involvement!

Because we believe in collective responsibility!

Taking care of the world

Thanks to innovative and empowering training, Weclean democratizes CSR in business. Their approach uses innovative tools to measure the impact of employees' daily actions, thus transforming CSR into a collective responsibility.

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