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Whether preventative or curative, the Groupe Barba Maintenance department ensures the proper functioning of our installations and their safety. Through their maintenance plan and their daily interventions, they have one objective: to maximize the availability time of production devices. More broadly, they are responsible for supervising all technical equipment (excluding Information Systems) at the Villeneuve-Lès-Béziers site.

On the one hand, they provide preventive maintenance by ensuring that our machine fleet complies with standards and is functional. They carry out regular checks to anticipate possible problems and guarantee the proper functioning of our equipment.

On the other hand, their role is curative: in the event of a breakdown, they intervene quickly to carry out the necessary repairs and minimize production interruptions. Their technical expertise helps resolve issues efficiently and keep our operations running.

Jobs within our maintenance department:

  • Technical Manager
  • Maintenance manager
  • Maintenance technician

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