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This division is made up of all the production professions of the Groupe Barba. It is an essential link in our company. Structured around several key production lines, this department ensures the manufacturing of our products with a high level of quality and efficiency.

Our production lines include trays/skinpacks, thawing, injection/vacuum, freezing and packaging of consumables. Each step is carefully orchestrated to ensure the freshness and safety of our products, meeting the highest industry standards.

With a team of 40 people, our Transformation and Production division is the largest in our company. These dedicated professionals work collaboratively to ensure smooth and efficient production, contributing to the continued success of the Barba Group.

Jobs within our transformation department:

  • Production Director
  • Assistant to the Production Director
  • Line manager
  • Service Manager
  • Leader
  • Assistant to the Team Leader
  • Production operator
  • Storekeeper / Forklift driver

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