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Within the Groupe Barba, the quality and development department plays an essential role in ensuring the excellence of our products. It is available in several levels to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and partners. Upstream, it establishes quality standards and structures our internal processes for maximum efficiency. It also assigns quality criteria to each product, adapted to their specificities.

Quality management is also a priority, with dedicated profiles such as the QHSE Manager and the QHSE Assistant. Together, they ensure the application of standards and efficient working methods, thereby contributing to our reputation and overall performance.

Guarantor of the conformity and safety of our products, the QHSE department also ensures the safety of employees and addresses environmental issues. He puts in place the appropriate protocols, and ensures that they are respected in the execution of our daily tasks. In permanent contact with the competent authorities, he ensures that our processes are updated according to the evolution of standards and constraints in the field. From a strategic point of view, the QHSE department is the leader in certification projects.

Jobs within our quality and development department:

  • QHSE Manager
  • Assistant to the QHSE Manager
  • Quality assistant
  • Technician
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Tide employee

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